Smart Sales | 3 Crafty Plots To Maximise Buyer Interest In Your Home In A Low Demand Market

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The Australian real estate industry has gone through several ups and downs over the years, which can sometimes make it harder to sell your home, especially when demand isn't as high as you would like. This commentary equips you with crafty plots to maximise buyer interest in your home in a low demand market.

Get Onto As Many Offline And Online Marketing Channels As Possible To Spread The Word

Don't put all your eggs in one basket and assume that simply listing your home in a single website or in a local paper is going to get you much interest, especially when you're in a low demand market. Your best option is to get onto as many online and offline property marketing channels as possible to spread the world of your home sale. For instance, online channels like agent websites are great, but you should also insist that your home is listed on property websites and social media channels with high traffic for greater traction. Similarly, offline channels like newspapers make sense, but you can extend the word further by getting your agent to prepare flyers and physical signage for your home sale.

Invest A Little In Your Home Presentation For Better Resale Value  

When you're selling a home, you probably don't want to spend much money on doing it up. But what you don't realise is that a few thousands in fixing up the home now can fetch you hundreds of thousands higher in the selling price later. Certain renovation updates to kitchens, bathrooms, paintjobs and outdoor areas can push your resale value up significantly. The upgrades will eventually maximise buyer interest and will fetch you more money. Your agent may give you some advice about what home improvements can help you earn more money when selling your home — pay attention to them for your own benefit.

Push Buying Decisions In Your Favour With Shrewd Incentives

Sometimes homebuyers need a little push to get them to make a decision in your favour. Find a way to do that by understanding the pulse of the homebuyer. For instance, is price the sole determining factor or is the buyer interested in some furniture pieces in the home that were originally not part of the selling pitch? Perhaps offering your Victorian-inspired sofa set along with the home may tip the scale in your favour. Let your real estate agents know that you're open to this level of flexibility, so that they can push buying decisions in your favour with shrewd incentives.

Selling can be challenging in a low demand market. Consider these crafty plots to maximise buyer interest in your home. For more information, contact local professionals like Carter Real Estate.