Since 2010, the company has been specializing in the production of high-quality cognacs. For the production of drinks under the KVKZ brands, aged spirits from the best producers of France, Armenia and Southern regions of Russia of exceptional quality are used.

The production site of the plant has modern technological equipment that allows aging and bottling brandy and cognac. Automated bottling lines of the well-known Italian manufacturer AVE INDUSTRIES guarantee a production capacity of up to 800,000 bottles per month. The processes are well-setup of ingredients purchasing, storing and preparing for the production cycle. Only environmentally friendly natural ingredients are used.

In 2022, our factory was equipped with the proper infrastructure and the permits were obtained necessary for production of other categories of strong alcohol drinks including vodkas, tinctures, gins, liqueurs, etc.

The recipes of all drinks produced at our factory are unique, they are specially developed by the experts of our company. For the production of vodkas and tinctures, the top-quality ethyl alcohol “Lux” is used; it is made of grain raw materials obtained from the best distilleries in Central Russia. For the production of tinctures and liqueurs, we use the aromatic alcohols and infusions of our own production; we make them from exclusively natural ingredients supplied to Kolomna from different parts of Russia. We use neither any flavor enhancers, nor odor modulators, or other artificial additives. 

Chemical and microbiological control laboratory, consisting of chemical, microbiological and express laboratories, equipped with the latest equipment for all tests and highly qualified specialists of the enterprise control the quality of produced cognacs and brandies at all stages of production. Much attentionis paid to the quality of the corrected water. The testing equipment monitors the entire ionic composition of the water in order to detect and prevent any violations in the technological cycle. 

The production at our factory meets the requirements of the Food Safety Management System GOST R ISO 2200-2019.

In 2022, our factory plans to produce up to 1,000,000 liters of brandy under its own brands and ship these products to partners in Russia and abroad.