Resurs LLC (Uvelka TM)

Sweet oatmeal porridge

RESURS LLC with flagship Uvelka brand is an industry leader, one of the largest producers of cereals in Russia with a 30-year history, which boldly uses the capabilities of modern technologies. A few years ago, the company entered the export markets and is the number 1 exporter in grain groceries in more than 50 countries around the world. In 2020, the growth of export sales amounted to +145% compared to 2019 in value. We use grains only from environmentally pristine regions. Our oats are produced on modern equipment preserving the natural benefits of wholegrains.
Our mission is to produce best products from selected grains, as we want every family to have access to health nutrition. We develop state-of-art technology for the selection, processing and preparation of grain. Our goal is to help everyone cook perfect meal. Uvelka products make the customer’s life easier, grant peace of mind and free up time for more important things.